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Warmongers left baffled as "Israel Love
Iran" social media campaign goes viral on
the internet.
by: Amir Nadimi
To donate or more info on Ronny's "Israel loves Iran" campaign go here:
His message is simple:
My name is Ronny, I'm 41 years old.
I'm a father, a teacher, a Graphic
Designer. I'm an Israeli citizen and I
need your help. Lately, in the news,
we've been hearing about a war
coming while we, the people are
sitting, watching like it has nothing to
do with us. On March 15th, I posted a
poster on Facebook. The message
was simple. Iranians. We love you.
We will never bomb your country
Within 24 hours, thousands of people
shared the poster on Facebook, and I
started receiving messages from Iran.
The next day, we got featured on TV
and newspapers, proving that the
message was traveling. Fast.
Please help us prevent this war by
spreading this message. We need
your help raising money in order to
buy media:  billboards, major
magazines, TV ads and finally Times
Square screens. We want everybody
to understand that there will be no war.
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It started with a simple graphic posted to a facebook page and
within 48 hours it had gone viral. Israeli, Iranians and people of
all backgrounds and walks of life had joined in the love fest. The
message was simple, Israelis were breaking away from
mainstream media and their government's war rhetoric to reach
out to Iranians and the whole world to show their love for peace
and friendship with Iranians. Israeli Graphic designer Ronny
Edry's simple message of love was so well received that he was
flooded with thousands of "like" requests which hasn't ceased
since the campaign exploded
Will cool heads prevail ?

In the powerful age of social media where national boarders are made irrelevant, and online tools can rally
people to common causes from animal rights to causing revolutions in the Arab world, can it also be
possible to prevent War ? If history has taught us anything, it is that if powerful interests such as the
globalist financiers and banksters want war nothing stands a chance. In fact, it's often assumed that the
preparations to initiate conflict have already been drawn out and waiting to play out like a symphony of

The dilema of the United States in dealing with the Iranian situation at the behest of Israel's regional
concerns has not been as simple as the previous war acts the Pentagon has engaged in. Perhaps this
reality and the fact that most ordinary people have evolved and no longer wish to be deceived by their
leaders yet once more for excuses to wage wars. Whether preemptive or under the guise of self defense,
the lessons of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and now Syria and the Sudan are serving us with daily reminders of
how atrocious wars can be. So now, ordinary citizens and peace-lovers of the world carry out their civic
international duty by passing the torch empathy and understanding in hopes of bridging the divide caused
by the sickness of nationalism. Words like "we will never bomb you" and "We love you" replace the rhetorics
of those who beat the drums of war. Like Trita Parsi (President of the
National Iranian-American Council)
tweeted, "Compassion is tough to counter when you only have fear & hate to offer".

There is only one way  to know whether this movement will overcome the powerful interests of War, and that
is to embrace it, share it and to spread its message. So please join this growing movement to show your
Israel Loves Iran and Iran also Loves Israel !