Art & Culture:
odazey Modelling offers
active as well as upcoming
models a broad base of
exposure to the fashion and
modelling industry. Unlike the
general standards set by the
fashion industry, Bodazey
provides an opportunity for
Persian models with a specific
look and beauty sought after by
exclusive  photographers,
fashion designers and film
makers for niche market
promotional events. Expand
your potential and exposure on
the world's first and number
one source for Persian Models
since 2003.
Pioneering since 2003, BODAZEY is a conceptual magazine for young, urban Iranians from different
backgrounds with unique perspectives. Pioneering as a voice for diversity, BODAZEY thrives on being
an alternative presence worldwide.

Featuring performance Arts, style, fashion and culture, we present a wide range of interests and media
entertainment outside the sphere of mass produced and consumed media. We are also the Official
Home of the World's Persian Models™. With the world's largest collection of Iranian/Persian Models
and Super Models, BODAZEY.COM celebrates Iranian beauty like never before.

Our mission is to bring exposure to artists, designers and all forms of Persian beauty in order to
fashion the gap of our Eastern culture and Western upbringing. Iranians have excelled in all fields and
careers, and this is just as prevalent when it comes to fashion, visual and performance arts.

From Avant-garde designers and fashion models, to comedians and musical artists, we have touched
all major creative fields with distinct self expression reflective of our common heritage...

to be Iranian.


Fondé en 2003, comportant les arts de performances, l’élégance du style, la mode et la culture
Iranienne, nous exposons, en dehors de la sphère des medias de masses, un éventail d'intérêt dans
tous les domaines. Nous vous offrons aussi le site officielle : Home of the World's Persian Models™,
incluant la plus grande collection de mannequins et topmodeles Iraniens/Perses. Notre site,
BODAZEY.COM, rend hommage à la beauté Perse comme nous ne l’avons jamais vu auparavant.

Notre mission est de valoriser et d’exposer artistes, créateurs et concepteurs de mode ainsi que tout
éclat de beauté Perse afin de lier et unir notre culture oriental et notre éducation occidental. Les
Iraniens se sont distingués dans tous les domaines et carrières, ainsi ils dominent dans les secteurs
de la mode, en arts visuels et en arts des spectacles.

De créateurs avant-gardes et mannequins de mode, aux comédiens et musiciens, nous englobons
tous les champs artistiques avec expression distincte à l'image de notre héritage commun…

D'être Iranien/nne
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