Bo: Nazanin, we are all familiar with your prestigious Miss Canada title of 2003 that made so many of us
Canadian-Iranians proud as well as your numerous accomplishments before and after, but what made you
chose a career in music?

Naz: Choosing a career in music seemed like the next natural step. Music allows me to express my thoughts
and ideas in an artistic way. It is a means of reaching the masses and transcending borders. It is a way of
communicating straight from my heart to the heart's of others. I am hoping that my music will draw people
to learn more about injustices like that of Nazanin Mahabad Fatehi and be inspired to take action.

Bo: Your cause is a very noble one and it has caught the attention of the entire world. But why this case in
particular? There have been countless women who have suffered similar death sentences and faced execution
throughout the past 27 years of Theocracy in Iran, what has attracted you to this case in particular ?

Naz:  I decided long ago to become a voice for the voiceless, whether women subjected to the embedded
discriminatory laws under Sharia, or animals tortured for the sake of consumerism, such as the Moon
Bears in China who are farmed for their bile. Nazanin Fatehi is a symbol for the greater plight of women in
Iran and the human rights violations that exist on a day-to-day basis. She is also a symbol of hope. The
international community has been galvanized by her story, and as a result, the head of Judiciary Ayatollah
Shahroudi has granted a stay of execution. Hopefully this will encourage others to recognize the power of
the individual and to take action on global issues by signing petitions, writing letters of protest, posting
blogs, volunteering their time and simply spreading the word!
One of the most inspirational Iranian figures in the world today must be Nazanin Afshin -Jam. The
Former Miss Canada 2003 winner and Miss World runner-up is launching a debut album all the
while deeply involved with her numerous human rights efforts. The Iranian-Canadian songstress
recently gave a speech at the Montreal Institute of Public Affairs featuring the topic: "A Question of
Values" issues on the Islamic Challenge and Women's Rights where she is campaigning full
throttle for the life of an 18 year old who is sentenced in Iran to be executed who happens to carry
her name: Nazanin Fatehi.  Nazanin's determination to save this young girl who presently sits in an
Iranian prison with countless other female prisoners has become a symbol for hope in changing a
regime that is systematically and institutionally punishing its entire female population by its lack of  
equal opportunity, rights and on top of other things fundamentalist theocratic repression. We took
this opportunity to learn more about Nazanin's fledgling musical career as well as this special
cause that is so dear to her heart, the case of that other girl known as Nazanin.
NAZANIN - On Music, Human Rights and Nazanin Fatehi
Interview by: Amir Nadimi
Bo: Are you in contact with her or her council at all ?
Naz: For Nazanin Fatehi’s safety, I cannot speak freely other than to say that I am in regular contact with her
family and lawyers via a third party. Nazanin has been in prison for over a year and a half. She is only 18
years old and yet, due to all the pressure, has had two heart attacks in prison. She is afraid and wakes up
with nightmares about execution. She wants all who have helped to know how thankful she is and how it
brings her a lot of hope. For a transcript of the questions that Nazanin answered in prison please go to:
Bo: When should we expect your Debut release ?

Naz:  I shoot my second music video which is for the single “Someday” at the end of November. We are expecting to launch the video
and single in January and the album in March.

Nazanin, there are many young women and girls out there who look up to you as a role model and inspiration for their life goals, what
advice would you have for them?

Naz:  I would say “If you have dream, make it a goal.” Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you can’t do it. Work hard, dive in head-
first and never give up.

To date you have already accomplished numerous achievements here at home in Canada and globally with the causes closest to your
heart. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Naz:  I see myself continuing to fight injustice, starting a family and visiting a newly free and democratic Iran.
Bo: Now on a more "Bodazey" topic, Yyur radiating beauty is exemplary and of course helped you to earn your Miss Canada title as well, is
there any beauty secrets that you're willing to share with some of our female readers ?

Naz: Smiling will keep you eternally beautiful.

Nazanin, BODAZEY.COM wishes you the best in your campaign to SaveNazanin and congratulates you on all of your achievements to
date, you sincerely make us proud and we are honored to have had this opportunity to talk with you.

Bo: Thanks Bodazey for all your kind words and for all your support. I hope all of your readers will sign the petition at
Bo: Many well known artists use their established popularity and their
music to express their political causes. Do you feel any angst in
launching your musical career already with such politically charged lyrics
about the 1978 Iranian Revolution which you refer to in your song

Naz: “Someday” is a factual description of my family’s experience
during the Revolution. It expresses a wish for the youth to come
together and overcome oppression. Music is my vehicle for bringing
awareness of human rights violations to the forefront.

<<< Nazanin Fatehi in a court hearing in this undated photo

Iran is the only country in the world that 'officially' executes children. According to the United Nations, a child is a person under the age of 18. Despite the fact that Iran has signed International Covenants that forbid them to execute anyone who has allegedly committed an offence before the age of 18, they continue to do so. Since 1990, Amnesty International has recorded 30 executions of child offenders and over the last couple of years the rate is increasing. Currently, there are at least 86 minors on death row in Iran. Time is of the essence. Together we will make them STOP the execution of minors!

Stop The Executions of minors in Iran - Sign the petition today!
Sign the petition at to help to save their lives.

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