Anita Star
model & entertainer
Born in Texas City, Texas, to an Armenian-Iranian father and Iranian mother her family moved to Phoenix,
Arizona when she was very young. There, she grew up in a suburb called Mesa and has also lived in Los
Angeles briefly. She currently resides in Houston, Texas. She was voted "Miss Fetish Ball" 2004 and "Miss
Spooky" 2005 in the local Gothic beauty Pageant. Anita is a model and has worked with musicians; Kid
Rock, Supavillain, and Psychonaut75. This dark vixen has done videos with Danny Stygion as seen in the
"Dominator" video which can be viewed here on the website in the 'portfolio album' section. Anita's talents
and work continues to grow from L.A. to her home state of  Texas.
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